Q Some of the learners and members have literacy and ESOL issues, do you offer any help with this?
A To help with this all of our programs contain full human English speech that users can hear when they click on the speaker icons and can listen to them as many times as they wish.
Q How do we know if the programs have been used?
A There are Administrator/Tutor reports that show numbers of users and other information.
Q What are the system requirements for the courses?
A The courses run on most browsers that support Javascript. A small Flash plugin is needed for the speech.
You can test if the products will operate on your system at
Q Is technical support available?
A Support is free of charge throughout the term of the licence via email or phone.
Q Will we receive training to use the products?
A The products are very easy to use and inductions covering use and how to ensure that clients get the most from the product are included in the licence.
Q How are the products branded?
A The intro pages for all our products are branded with the client's logo.

Universal Skills

Q Are the pages updated?
A We check monthly that all facts, screens and external hyperlinks are up-to-date. You can download the update history here.
Q Are there any additional resources to accompany the program?
A Clients are supplied with bookmarks to promote the "Universal Skills", A4 Poster Templates and free inductions for teams.

Life in Great Britain

Q Is the content of "Life in Britain" based on the latest handbook?
A Yes. It is based on "Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents" released in February 2013.
Q Are there any tests in "Life in Britain"?
A Each section ends with a short "true/false" test to check the user has assimilated the content. From the main menu (item 6) users can choose to do a "Sample Test". This has 24 questions of the four types found in the actual test. The questions in both types of test are chosen at random meaning that the same test is never repeated.